E71 How To Guide:

by The Flying Squirrel

I recently got a E71 . However it is a north america version and hence now chinese support. I would like to be able to read chinese in browser and see the name of the songs I am playing. I would also like to be able to use the SIP VOIP phone and leave it on all the time.

It took me a long time to find out how to do it. So I decided to put this together as a guide and help those who would like to do the same.


E71 is a Symbian s60 3rd edition phone.

You can find many free apps from this site if you are interested.



How to install different language pack into E71:

I myself have successfully flashed my phone with the chinese language pack with this method.

However, it is a risk everytime you flashing the phone. You could end up bricking your phone if you did not do it properly.


If you don't want to risk bricking your phone, you can still use the fontrouter method. However, many people report having problem with spacebar and font size.

Flashing is still the best solution if you are a risk taker.


We are only going to change only the ppm file from the original firmware. It is essential that you do not change the core files. The hardware for the Asian version of the phone is different from that of normal America. That is why we should only change the ppm file, but not flashing will all the files from the other region. You might end up bricking your phone if you flash with a completely different firmware.



Follow these instruction closely if you would like to proceed

  1. Find out the original firmware version of your phone by type the text *#0000#
    You will see something like this:
    Nokia E71-2(370.03)
  2. Turn off the phone, take out the battery and on the label, find out the Product Code.
    On the label, you should see something like this:
    Code: 0574792
  3. So here for my phone, my version is 100.07.76 and my product code is 0574792
  4. Now you need to download a software called Navifirm to obtain the firmware you need.
  5. Run Navifirm
    From Products, choose your phone (mine is Nokia E71 (RM-357)
    From Releases choose your release from step 1 (mine is 100.7.76)
    From Variants choose your product code from step 1 (mine is E71-2 RM-357 Rogers Wireless CA GreySteel(0574792))
    Download all files for your original firmware. You are going to need the core files to flash the phone.
  6. Now you need to download the firmware files for the language pack.
    From Products, choose the RM release with the language pack you want. (mine is Nokia E-71(RM-346))
    Choose the same release as your original firmware. I am not sure what is going to happen if you use a different release. You might end up bricking your phone.
    (mine is Nokia E-71(RM-346) -> 100.7.76 -> 3HK White Steel (0570483))
  7. From Files, choose the ppm file. It should look like this m346_100.07.76_prd.v281.
    Don't download the one end with cxx, such as c00. It is the core file. If you replace this file, you might brick your phone.
  8. Now change the name of this file to the same name as the ppm file in your original firmware and replace it.
    For me, I rename m346_100.07.76_prd.v281 to rm357-100.07.76_prd.v330 and replace the file from my original firmware.
  9. Now you need to backup everything from your phone, including contacts, images, videos, doc, etc...
  10. Do a hard reset on your phone. *#7370#, your default master code is 12345.
  11. Turn off your phone and remove sim card and memory card.
  12. It is now time to flash your phone. You are going to need a software Phoenix. You can get it from their website http://phoenixslayer.blogspot.com/.
  13. Before you install this software to your PC, you need to remove all the nokia software from your computer, including drivers and PC suite.
    I just use a different computer than the one I install PC suite. Too lazy to remove drivers.
    Do not connect your phone before installing Phoenix.
    Turn off anti virus software.
    Make sure your system wont stop for any reason while you flashing your phone. Otherwise you might brick your phone.
  14. Copy your modified firmware in the folder C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-357
  15. Run Phoenix and connect your phone to the PC in PC Suite mode.
  16. In Phoenix, go to File->Manage Connections.
  17. Choose USB, apply and close
  18. File -> Open Product
  19. Choose your phone's RM code (mine is RM-357) -> OK
  20. File -> Scan Product
  21. You should see your phone's firmware at the bottom of the window.
  22. Flashing -> Firmware Update
  23. On the new windown, click Browse and choose the region or country of your choice.
  24. OK
  25. Click the Refurbish icon.
  26. Now the flashing process will begin. Make sure no one touch your computer until it finish. Do not try to move the phone or the cable.
  27. When it finishes, your phone will reboot into your new firmware.
  28. Enjoy your newly acquired language. :)


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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